Indulge in unparalleled luxury as our Tribute Cruise navigates three exclusive routes through the Galapagos. From the comfort of your vessel, explore the untouched wonders and the wildlife-rich islands. It’s the epitome of high-end cruising.

Itinerary AEnchanted Escape


Embark on our South & East Galapagos Safari, a 5-day enchanted escape. 

Begin your journey traversing the captivating highlands of Santa Cruz. Explore secluded islands, lounge on pristine beaches, and witness remarkable wildlife encounters. 

This immersive experience culminates at San Cristobal’s Interpretation Center where you will get a glimpse of the seriousness and complexity of preserving the unique ecosystems of Galapagos. 

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Itinerary BWildlife Discovery


Set sail on our Central & North Galapagos Safari, a 5-day Wildlife Discovery. Begin your journey to the pristine Lobos Islet. 

Dive into encounters with the vibrant wildlife of Santa Fe, including endemic species. Explore the secluded wonders of Genovesa, famous for Darwin Bay and Prince Philip’s Steps. Venture to Chinese Hat and Rabida, discovering unique landscapes and wildlife. 

Conclude your adventure with a visit to the Charles Darwin Center on Santa Cruz, where conservation and discovery merge.

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Itinerary CDarwin’s Odyssey


Embark on a 7-day Central & West Galapagos Safari, an expedition of epic proportions. 

Your adventure begins at Baltra Airport, where the enchanting highlands of Santa Cruz beckon. Dive into the depths of Isabela, encountering the Tintoreras Shark Channel and the fiery Sierra Negra Volcano. Marvel at the tortoises of the breeding center and the mesmerizing wetlands. 

Finalise your voyage at Las Bachas Beach where the sand here is made of decomposed coral, so it’s white and soft, an ideal nesting site for sea turtles.

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